What Is Family?

There's no doubt that many of us here are privileged to have our parents and families around us. However try to imagine just for a moment what life could have been like without our dear families. Imagine having no one to love and be loved by, no one to cry to, no one to teach, nurture and inspire us.
That's where we where when you chose to love us. You have indeed loved us with an exceeding love. You support us, help us, share with us. We count ourselves blessed to call you all family. You are the family we have. We are grateful.

Celebrate With Us

We give glory to God for the life our brother who came to celebrate his birthday with us on Thursday 8, October 2017.
ORIYOMI OLUWAN'SHOLA JOHN, every 5th of Oct is your Day, we rejoice with you and we thank you for the gifts you brought for us that day. May God continue to lift you higher and give you a speedy reward in Jesus name. You are highly appreciated.

With our heart full of praise, we thank God for another year to live with a meaningful purpose for our beautiful mummy, deaconess Olajide Taiwo Akinsete who came to celebrate her birthday with us yesterday 13 September 2017. Thank you for your gifts ma, we pray the almighty God will respond to you at every point of your needs in Jesus name, more purposeful and productive years for you ma'am.

We want to appreciate our dearest,naturally beautiful sister Bisola Olasehinde from English Department (ACE Ondo) who celebrated her birthday with us on 27th March, Aunty you have really blessed us, we thank and appreciate your Gifts,care,love and kindness shown to us that day.
We pray that the Heaven of every of your heart desire shall be opened,and by this time next year you shall be ten times greater than this in Jesus name.
We also appreciate all the ACE student that came with you,God bless you all.

You can celebrate your birthdays and special days with our children. It makes their hearts glad to partake in your joyful moments.

Happy birthday to you Mummy Julie Olaniyi

We rejoice and celebrate with our dearly beloved Grandma Madam Julie Olaniyi on the occasion of her 70th Birthday Thanksgiving Outing Today. We thank God for your beautiful life ma, thanks for your support for these children, thank you for sponsoring Israel’s education, we pray that the good Lord will continue to Strengthen you for His good works, you will celebrate more Decades on earth, and Continue to eat the fruits of your labor in Jesus name.

Happy birthday to you mummy.
With love from all the children at Godly Seed Orphanage Center, Ondo

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Who Am I?

So many take for granted the day they were born, whose they are and what tribe they come from. Some of our children will never know.

As an orphanage, we work constantly to create that sense of family, community and security that helps them transcend despair. In partnership with friends and committed partners our children know home and family.

It has also taken faith in God and the knowledge of his word to break the chains of brokenness. In bringing up children at GSO, we are commissioned to give them that sense of self and purpose through the word of God. We help them through that journey of self discovery, that unfoldment of self through unique gifts, talents and character traits that help them to give back to the world and find fulfillment.

In Our Own Words, Our Story

Children are beautiful in every way. I have found so much peace and joy in being around children. I have been more helped and blessed by their presence, love and appreciation in more ways than I could have imagined or can express. I feel like I live in the atmosphere of heaven just by immersing myself in their presence. I receive so much joy, peace and love that only children emanate so naturally.

It takes so little to make a difference. Children bloom like flowers right in your presence. For all the years I have given to Good Seed Orphanage I have no regrets. I can say "my joy is full."

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Mrs Olufunmilayo Akinwande,
Founder Godly Seed Orphanage.